Information exchange
You tell us about your needs – for your family, your lifestyle, your land, and your budget. And you find out about American Homes – how different our homes look; how they are great value for money; what designs (from the thousands we have) that might suit you; how we incorporate up-market features in a medium price; and how we work to under promise and over deliver. Most of this stage is done by email and phone. There is no cost to you at this stage.

Design meeting
We put all the ideas together to come up with the best and most practical result. You will come to our offices and meet with an American Home’s consultant and/or our building designer. We will work together with you to get a feel for what your highest priorities are, and how we can make them fit with your block and your budget. There is still no cost to you.

Plans stage
This is the first time you will be asked to commence making payments to the building designer. Typically the cost for plans is about $3,500. If you have one of our $1,000 introduction vouchers this will be deducted from the cost.

This charge covers meetings with the designer, concept sketches & full working drawings. You are free to take the plans to other builders for quotes, and we encourage you to do so. Of course we will try and convince you that an authorised American Homes Builder is your best choice for a builder! Once the plans are complete we will prepare a preliminary cost estimate for your project requirements.

If you are happy with your design and the estimated price, then we will arrange to provide a fixed and final price for your new home. Your American Home Builder will then prepare a contract for the building of your home, where everything you have chosen will be detailed in writing. You may also select your fittings, for example taps, tiles, floor coverings, and appliances, at this stage, or a provisional cost allowance will be included in your contract and your selections can be made later.

At this stage you pay a five per cent deposit and construction begins on your home. To maintain our quality and individual service, our American Homes Builders limit new home starts to three per month and we will advise you of your scheduled start date.

During construction

While your home is being built you will have one of our consultants assigned to you ensuring communication is clear and you can follow progress using our BuilderTREND system. We will act as a conduit between you and the Builder to ensure you are always kept up-to-date with site activity. Their sole task is to talk with you at least once a week, and let you know what’s happening with your new home. They will find answers for any questions you may have.

We accompany you on several walk thru inspections of your new home with the Builder during the construction phase to ensure you are comfortable with the various stages and to give you the opportunity to make any of those last minute changes. These various inspections will be carried out throughout the build process to help ensure your utmost satisfaction.

After handover 
More than just a hamper! As a celebration of your new home, American Homes would like to throw you a housewarming party – and pay the bill.

You invite up to 12 friends, neighbours, and other guests and we’ll provide light food, wine, beer, and soft drink. You also get to meet a few of the people who’ve helped create your American Home.

And we’ll invite you to join the American Homes Advantage Program