Low maintenance
By using smart materials like double-glazed windows, asphalt shingles and vinyl siding, American Homes are both low maintenance and energy efficient.

Long lasting exterior surfaces ensure you never need to paint; the distinctive-looking shingles on your roof won’t leak; and you won’t ever have to replace a cracked roof tile.

Your windows are easy-to-clean with the tilt-wash feature and colonial bars between the layers of glass – features not found in Australian single-glazed windows.

Energy efficiency
Using Weather Shield’s double-glazed windows reduces heating and cooling costs. All American Homes have added wall and ceiling insulation and insulating exterior doors with air-tight seals. Your American Homes consultant will help you plan the orientation of your home on your block for maximum passive solar advantage.

Client focus
Everything American Homes does puts the clients’ experience first. You will receive at least one communication a week from your American Homes support person advising you of the progress of your home and to answer any queries you may have. Questions to your dedicated support person are also welcomed at any time via BuilderTREND, or via email to the office. Clients are guaranteed a response within two days – but are generally much quicker.

You can choose from over 6,100 home designs – single or double storey, different shapes, different sizes, and different appearances. Your American Homes consultant will help you choose and customise the home design that is right for your needs, budget and block.