Resale Value
People love the quality and distinctive look of an American Home, so if you come to sell your home you are assured of a top price. Several clients with these homes have made over $100,000 profit (between their house and land costs and the sale price) in very short periods.

Double-glazed windows 
For insulation, comfort, and noise reduction. Normally an expensive option, but are standard with all American Homes. And with revolutionary tilt/wash feature which means you can easily clean both sides of your windows from inside your home. Typically, this may save you up to $10,000 on the upgrade cost.

More useable space
Double-glazing creates a more pleasant environment throughout the entire home – no more hot or cold spots near the windows – making the entire space in your home useable.

Solid timber cabinets
American Homes’ cabinets all have solid timber fronts for better look and wear. There are over 100 door styles to choose from and 34 finishes ensuring all tastes are met.  All drawer boxes are solid timber and assembled with furniture grade dovetailed joints that survive the heavy daily use in a kitchen.